born in 1951, begins, at the age of

20, to study Martial Art. He is interested in

unconventional medicine, Kinesiology, Reiki,

magnetism and Tai Chi, which he teaches

for numerous years, and trains in

Quantum Bioenergy..

Altogether, these formations, his experiences in life,

as well as his work on energy, give him

seriousnessand compétence.



Is a method which allows a harmonisation of our field of energy, be it in
blockings of such aspects as hereditary, behavioural, relationship, karmic,
emotional unbalance, energy leakage, wounds, shocks which one may have had
during the course of our life or in a past life.
The aim of this method is to create the necessary conditions so that Healing
may occur and that the person has all the chances of regaining health
and joy of life.
If the person is ready, change occurs, sometimes in almost magical manner
or sometimes, it takes a little more time.
There is no chance, luck, but a succession of events, pleasant or unpleasant
experiences, which have as aim to make us understand certain things,
intended to raise our consciousness. The situations which confront us today
often have a link to our past lives, in the form of memory, sometimes a debt,
as much as what we do in the present, will have a repercussion on our future.
We have experiences to live on this Earth so that our soul may evolve.
If we have a difficult life, certain things may perhaps not have been settled
in other lives.
The fact of being aware of it and accepting it can considerably change our state
of physical, emotional health and may sometimes be lived as a veritable
The practitioner intervenes to facilitate healing, as a tuner intervenes on the
piano to tune it, but it isn’t he who plays the melody, but the patient.


By photo
In the quantum universe, everything is connected, one is not limited by distance,
It is therefore entirely possible and just as efficient to work at a distance by
photo as it is for the patient to be in front of us.
Whatever the case, the patient will have completed a form of information
In which they will mention different elements of their life, as well, they will have
taken the time to reflect on their request, that is, the things which, for them,
are the most important to resolve.
The practitioner connects himself to the person, to their field of vibration, and
it’s there, that he will find identify and make the necessary corrections, so as to
free the patient and allow them, thus, to have the potential to heal.
Healing only intervenes when the person is ready, that means, they have
the energy to change. It’s there that the practitioner will have helped them
by raising their level of vibration, by correcting and removing the blockings,
wounds, memories of past lives, etc…
On the other hand, the patient will have, in a certain manner, become aware
of difficult moments, crises, conflicts, sicknesses, of their Relationship in
the world, hence the importance that the person reflects on the problems
of their existance and that their request to the practitioner follow that same
direction. Very often, the time taken for this reflection on oneself is already
a part of the work towards Healing.
In the universe, everything is just vibrations, informations, waves, energy.
Everything is in movement, even if we don’t perceive it.
By attention and by intention, we can act on matter by changing information.

Be careful :
The Bioenergetic practitioner is not a substitute to conventional medecine, but
brings a support, a different and complementary aid.


For a consultation of quantum bioenergy you have
2 possibilities : at the consulting room or by photo (for people living far away).
The fee in both cases is 70€

A first contact is necessary by Email :
Following this contact, you will be asked to complete a form, to be returned to me
with a photo, standing, (in the case of a session at a distance).
At the end of the session, you will receive the result.
Possibilities of payment of fees :
PayPal – credit card

I will not be held responsible for any payment, without confirmation,
for a consultation of Quantum Bioenergy.

consultation 70€

care session

Remote care session



For appointment /information only by email :